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Another Huge CKEditor Provider Update für DNN out. Settings Window Revamped, Code cleanup and Bug fixes

Whats New

  • Options Window Redesigned (Bigger Window, Settings Grouped in to Tabs)
    Settings Window
  • Upload Tab is now hidden when the Current User doesn't has Permission to Upload Files to the Upload Folder
  • File-Brower: Added Check if Current User has Write Access to the Current Folder, if not Functions such as Create Folder, Upload File or Delete File are deactivated.
  • Added Word Count Plugin
  • Added Option to choose the folder and file name for the export file
    Settings Exporter


  • File-Browser: Fixed generating of Secured Urls
  • File-Browser: New Files created in the Image Editor are now synced with the DNN File System
  • File-Browser: Folder are synced now before you can browse them
  • Removed a lot of Repeating Code
  • Fixed Issue #6747
  • Fixed Issue #6749
  • Fixed Issue #6734
  • Fixed Issue #6779
  • Fixed Issue #6761- Double editors when using updatepanel
  • Width value of the Editor is now applied correctly


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