YetAnotherForum.NET 1.9.6.(1) What's New

  1. Social Sharing

    New "Share" Menu to share a topic via E-Mail, and on Facebook, Google+, Digg, Reddit, Tumblr.

  2. Twitter Integration

    New Retweet Button allowing to retweet a Message or Topic

  3. SPAM Protection

    Automated SPAM Checking via SPAM Services AkisMet or BlogSpam.Net, detected Messages can be rejected or flagged as unapproved.

  4. User Importing / Exporting

    Automated User Importing and Exporting via XML or CSV Files.

  5. Facebook Single Sign On (SSO)

    Users can now login via Facebook. And new users are automatically Registered.

  6. Twitter Single Sign On (SSO)

    Users can now login via Twitter. And new users are automatically Registered.

  7. User Read Tracking

    YAF.NET now saves the last read Time of a Topic, to quickly find the first unread message of a topic.

  8. New and Updated BB Codes

    New BBCodes to show or hide its containing content from users (for example a user must thank the poster for the message to see the content).

  9. Help Guide Extended

    Help Guide has been updated. New topics can be added or existing removed, by the Administrator.

  10. Topic Description & Status

    For each Topic a Description can be added. Also an Status State can be selected.

  11. My Topics

    On the My Topics Page a User can find all Active, Unread, Unanswered, Favorite Topics and Topics a user has posted in.

  12. YAF BB Code Editor

    The Default Editor has been improved you can now Format Text with Key strokes like CRTL+B for Bold Text, CTRL+I for making the text Italic and CTRL+U for underlining the text.

    A New Button has been added to the Editor for Spell Checking.

    Also there is now a Dropdown with Preview Images if a user wants to include Images from the User Album.